Smyly Racing - Facilities

We have superb modern facilities and the yard has become increasingly successful as a result.

All-weather hill gallop: This is our primary fitness tool. It is a superb 4 furlong, wood-fibre gallop up the side a magnificent Cotswold escarpment, above the village of Stanton. We built the gallop in 2005 and it has provided the basis of our success since. The wood fibre provides a lovely cushion for the horses to gallop on and rarely freezes, even in the coldest of conditions.

Deep sand canter: We built this in 2007, to complement and provide an alternative to our hill gallop.  The sand is built in a 2 furlong circle, to a depth of nine inches and enables horses to work slowly and build condition and muscle tone. Using this gallop twice a week prevents the horses ‘burning out’ on the hill gallop and keeps them fresh and invigorated.

Loose lane: Built in 2008, this superb jumping lane provides education and practice for all horses in a safe and controlled environment.  The lane is oblong, 70 metres round and boarded, so that horses can jump loose or ridden.  The surface is sand and rubber. We think this provides our horses an edge in confidence with their jumping.

Schooling ground: Our schooling ground is situated next to the top of our hill gallop. We have schooling fences, hurdles and nursery fences, all built to the highest standards by Tony Howland, head groundsman at Cheltenham racecourse. We school all our horses regularly and encourage owners to come up and watch.

All weather menage: We have a sand menage, 60m by 20m, where we can exercise and educate horses and introduce them to jumping.

Smyly Racing